Green Cleaning

Gather a group of your favorite people together for a Green Cleaning party.  While tempting, we don’t mean that you’ll invite folks over to clean your house.  A Green Cleaning party is a chance to gather for a fun hour of making gentle, non-toxic household cleaners while you learn about safe natural cleaners that have been used for generations.

You, your family, your pocketbook and the whole environment will benefit from your switch to more natural ingredients.  We’ll make the transition easy for you and your guests by bringing along our special Green Cleaning ingredients so that each participant can leave armed with his or her own natural cleaning toolkit.


In this 1-hour program, you’ll receive:
• A knowledgeable and friendly instructor
• A Green Cleaning Guide complete with recipes, instructions and troubleshooting tips
• All the ingredients to make your own green cleaners
• Spray bottles, containers, and labels to create your own green cleaning toolkit
• The knowledge and tools to clean your house with Earth-friendly ingredients