Organic Gardening

Share the love of vegetable gardening with your adult group.  This engaging program immerses you in the details of organic gardening, covering planning and design, crop rotation, soil fertility, soil amendments and composting, seeding, planting techniques, organic fertilizers and pest controls, companion planting, weed control, and seasonal care.  Expect to be inspired to create or improve your own organic vegetable garden.

In this 1-hour program, you’ll receive:
• Expert instruction
• Visual aids and photographs
• Clear and concise hand-outs
• Book and website recommendations
• Seed and amendment catalogs
• Inspiration to begin or improve your own organic vegetable garden





“Christa provided a great insight into the world of gardening.  My eyes are opened and my hands are ready to plant!” – participant, EXEL Corporation

“I have little gardening experience – this is inspiring and gives me the confidence to start my garden.” – participant, Delaware Library

“So practical and really provided a good thorough instruction on how to get started on a garden.” – participant, EXEL Corporation