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Bring the farm to your party!

Are you planning a celebration? Wanting something new and different at your child’s birthday? Or do you want to have a fun gathering of friends but are tired of the typical commercial parties where you feel pressured to buy something at the end?

Turn the idea of a party on its head with live animals, yummy treats, or a  skill-based party where everyone makes something with their own hands!


Click on the picture links below to explore our party programs.  And then contact us to schedule your Bring the Farm to You party!


• We bring it to you – and then take it away! No set-up or clean-up on your part!

• No admission fees, crowds, or waiting. We come right to you and you can invite whoever you want.

• It’s a party with an educational purpose!

Why a Bring the Farm to You party?

• Because it’s really easy.  All you need to have is the space and the guest list. Invite us, add water, and wala – a fun farm party that your friends and family will love.

• Celebrations often center around food. Why not make some of the food the centerpiece to your party – with guests making fresh apple cider or cranking out their own butter and ice cream.

• Skill parties are so enriching, with everyone learning something new and trying out a new skill. Felting is an easy one – even the dexterity-challenged can make something cool, and those with talent will wow you.

• You can show your family and friends how much you care about them and their health by hosting a Green Cleaning party where everyone gets to assemble their own natural cleaning tool-kit.

• Who doesn’t love fuzzy farm animals! And we promise, you won’t have to clean up after them.