Worm Composting

Grow your own fertilizer and learn about composting in this engaging program.  A pound of Red Wiggler worms are ready to squirm their way into your classroom, home, or center and eat your garbage!  This 8-week experience begins with a one-hour hands-on presentation about worms and composting, drawing your participants into the fascinating underground world of worms.  Participants will assemble the needed ingredients that will start the worms off right in their new home.  Throughout your 8 weeks with the worms, you’ll feed them your leftovers, observing their transformation of food scraps into rich natural fertilizer.

In this 8-week program, you’ll receive:
 • A facilitator who loves worms and is sensitive to the fact that not everyone does
• A self-contained worm bin, bedding material, and one pound of Red Wiggler worms
• A one-hour engaging presentation to kick-start your worm composting program
• Clear instructions and detailed curriculum materials
• Rich worm castings that will make your plants happy
• A rewarding and educational experience tending the worms while environmentally making use of your food scraps
• Expert consultation to ensure the maximum success of your worm bin



“My favorite part is when we got to touch the worms.  I loved it when we crumbled up the newspaper and you put water on it.  The worms kept slithering in my hand.  Then one hopped right off my hand.” – student, Crestline Elementary School