Chick Hatching

In this 3-week program, you’ll get everything you need to hatch eggs right at your location.  The experience will begin with a Bring the Farm to You teacher visiting your group, sharing the excitment and process of chicken development through a one-hour program, and bringing you all the tools you’ll need for your incubating adventure.  During the next 2 weeks, the life process will be uncovered as you and your audience keep watch over the delicate conditions of incubation in our see-through incubator.  As the eggs start cracking and chicks start emerging, you’ll move them over into our warm brooder, giving them the conditions to thrive – heat, water and food.  For the next week, your group will watch the chicks grow, learning first-hand about the cycle of life.


In this 3-week program, you’ll receive:
• 1 in-class “Chicken and the Egg” program with an enthusiastic Bring the Farm to You teacher
• 1 classroom incubator
• 7 fertile chicken eggs, with 2 weeks left of incubation
• 1 chick brooder with heat lamp, water dish, feed tray and 1-week’s supply of chick food
• 1 chick hatching instruction manual
• 1 framed chick embryology poster
• Curriculum and worksheets
• Delivery and pick-up
• Free technical support
• And some fun extras!



“What a great experience for the students.  They saw chicks hatch – a miracle!  Then some even experienced death.  True life – awesome!”
- Teacher, Mary Evans Childhood Development Center

“Our kids were in awe as they watched the eggs hatch. This whole process was a brand new experience for them.”
- Franklin library staff

“I want to thank you so much for the experience to see these beautiful baby chicks. My children and I really appreciate it.  My children love these baby chicks. We come to see them every day. Thank you so much.”
- Angelica Gaona & family, Columbus library patrons

“Thank you Miss Christa for the chick eggs. It showed us how to care for something other than oursevlfs. This was a great opportunity.  Thanks, Wendy Huynis
- student, Homeport Marsh Run