Dairy Delicacies

This tasty program is perfect for a party or gathering, after school group, summer camp, or any small group of 40 or less. Our dairy diva will provide all the ingredients and tools you’ll need to make your own butter and ice cream. Using ice cream balls, a hand-crank machine, and glass jars, your group will discover first hand how delicious a little hard work can be.

Kids and adults alike will love to sample these udderly delicious treats made by their very own hands!

In this 1-hour program, you’ll receive:
• An engaging presenter
• All the ingredients necessary to make butter and ice cream
• Equipment that will make the process fun!
• Recipes and instructions
• Bread for tasting butter, and bowls and spoons for serving ice cream
• All the prep and clean-up provided for you!
• A fun event that is sure to please the palettes of all who attend