Now Hiring!

Farm Teacher

Bring the Farm to You® is looking to hire an enthusiastic person who has a flexible schedule, loves animals, and has experience teaching. Our schedule varies with the season, with opportunities increasing in spring, summer, and fall.

About the position:

Our Farm Teachers instruct Bring the Farm to You® curriculum around central Ohio, exciting audiences about agriculture. Programs include live Farm Animal Events, Mini Farm programs, Apple Cidering and Chick Hatching presentations, our Child’s Homestead® program, and more. This is a fun, rewarding position and an opportunity to serve our central Ohio community through farm experiences. Clients include schools, libraries, park systems, cities, assisted living centers, childcare centers, camps, churches, and public and private events. Our Bring the Farm to You programs are a unique form of farm education that delivers experiences right to our clients’ locations!

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching the designated curriculum at the client’s location. In public festival-style programs, this would mean interacting with visitors through informal instruction, conversation, and answering questions; in formal programs (Lead Teachers), it would mean being at the front of an audience (all ages), teaching a lesson based on our curriculum
  • Being a positive company representative for our clients and a friendly facilitator for our audiences
  • Setting up the program location: unloading the trailer, carrying equipment, leading animals, and cleaning up location prior to departure
  • If trained as a Lead Teacher: driving our van or truck and trailer to the location of the program


  • Always reliable and on-time; you will be responsible for the program execution at designated times with expectant audiences
  • Formal or informal teaching experience
  • Physically able to carry equipment, move cages, and work at a brisk pace; must be able to carry 30 lbs
  • Confident holding chickens, ducks and rabbits, and walking sheep and goats on leads (after training)
  • Willing and able to talk to complete strangers, initiate conversations about the topic at hand, and teach on the spot
  • Dynamic speaking skills; able to hold the attention of groups and give them a positive experience to remember (Lead Teachers)
  • Personable, friendly, and a positive representative of our programs and company
  • You must have reliable transportation, a good driving record, and a phone with GPS maps

This is a fun and rewarding position in a fresh form of farm education – one that meets people right where they are in their communities. Farm Teachers have a chance to inspire, excite, and educate people of all ages and backgrounds. Some days we’re teaching inner city youth who have never seen farm animals in-person. Other days we’re reigniting memories with elders at a senior facility, or instructing 3rd graders how to hatch and care for chicks. Or we may be delivering the best birthday ever to a child. The experiences are varied and deeply rewarding.

The pay rate starts at $17/hour for Farm Teachers. Lead Teachers start at $20/hour. Available work hours will vary by the season based on the program schedule. This is a great long-term position for someone interested in a flexible part-time schedule.

To apply, email with the following subject heading: Farm Teacher Application

Please attach a resume and cover letter.  In your letter, answer the following questions:

  1. What attracts you to this position?
  2. What has been your teaching experience, including ages and group sizes that you have taught?
  3. Do you have any theatre or dramatic experience?
  4. What is your availability, now and seasonally?
  5. Does seasonal part-time work fit into your income needs?
  6. What has been your experience and interactions with animals in general and specifically farm animals?
  7. Share any questions you may have.

Please send your resume and cover letter, along with the answers to the questions above, to Christa Hein at

Farm Educator Intern

Do you love animals? Do you like talking to people? If so, you might make a great Farm Educator Intern! Interns work directly with the public, teaching and assisting with farm education programs. All our programs travel to our clients’ locations, serving schools, libraries, park systems, childcare centers, assisted living centers, city festivals, and private events in central Ohio.

At Bring the Farm to You®, we want our interns to become exposed to a fresh form of environmental education – one that shares important and meaningful connections with the community, right where they are. We bring the farm into cities and suburbs, helping people feel connected with the animals that help supply our food and fiber, and the skills and history of making-ones-own.

Interns may have an opportunity to do the following tasks:

Assist with Programs
·      Work together with our Lead Teachers, assisting with set-up, clean-up, and teaching the public about the animals.
·      Take pictures of the programs and animals to help promote our programs and to help people feel connected to the farm.
·      Interact with and teach program participants, logging frequently asked questions, and otherwise helping to improve and deepen the learning experience for our visitors.

Teach Programs
·      Formal teaching opportunities may be available based on the program schedule and intern interest. This opportunity will teach interns group management, public speaking skills, and how to engage an audience with information.

Farm Work
·      Assist with routine animal care such as brushing angora rabbits, leash-training animals, trimming nails, socializing animals, etc.
·      Assist with animal chores, including feeding, changing bedding, collecting/washing eggs, cleaning stalls, etc.
·      Assist with work projects, including clearing brush, building repairs, seeding, etc.

Program Equipment
·      Assist with equipment cleaning, including sterilizing incubators, inventorying supplies, and washing equipment
·      Farm trailer upkeep including cleaning stalls and cages, filling buckets, replenishing supplies, etc.

Compensation and schedule: The intern will work part-time as needed, based on our program schedule and the intern’s availability. Compensation starts at $15/hour. Opportunities are available for continuing the internship through multiple seasons or becoming a permanent part-time employee.

We have had many college interns receive credit through their universities. It is up to the intern to pursue those opportunities with their advisor and to complete the required time and work in order to earn credit for their internship.

To apply, please email with the following subject heading: Intern Application.  If you have a resume, please attach it.  In your email, answer the following questions:
1.    Why are you interested in an internship with Bring the Farm to You?
2.    Do you drive and have reliable transportation?
3.    What is your availability?
4.    What has been your experience and comfort level with animals?
5.    What type of formal or informal teaching experiences have you had?