Bring a beekeeper to you!  This fascinating look into the life of a beehive will engage audiences of all ages.  View the inner parts of a hive, learn the intricate life cycle and habits of the queen, workers and drones, and prepare to fall in love with the source of all that sweetness, the gentle honey bee. Our lively beekeeper will get suited up, bringing pictures, preserved specimens and a complete hive in order to fully immerse your audience in the joy of beekeeping.

In this 1-hour program, you’ll receive:
• An engaging and passionate presenter
• Visual aids
• A piece-by-piece look into the interior of a honey hive
• Full descriptions of honey bees and their life cycles
• Familiarity with the tools used by the beekeeper
• An up-close look at preserved specimens of honey bees (no live bees will attend)
• An opportunity to try on a beekeeping outfit (and a great photo op!) (for small groups only)
• Time for questions and answers