Maple Sugaring

This sweet program introduces all ages to the fascinating process of turning clear tree sap into rich maple syrup.  We’ll share the history and lore of sugaring while demonstrating the steps it takes to create this wonderful winter-time treat.   This one-hour program is very visual and includes antiques and modern equipment, making the process come to life! Includes tasty samples of tree sap and pure maple syrup. It’s the next best thing to being in the woods!


In this 1-hour program, you’ll receive:

• A friendly and knowledgeable presenter
• All the equipment needed to visually understand the maple sugaring process
• A taste of maple sap and syrup
• A seasonal learning experience that is sure to sweeten up your curriculum or programming needs


Kenny, Willis Middle School KICC

The maple syrup presentation was very entertaining and informative. The presenter Christa did a very good job, she really knew her stuff. She also came with a lot of cool stuff including tools, pails, taps, and samples. She even brought a tree for the kids to practice drilling and tapping the tree. The kids used words like excellent, yummy, tasty, and informative. They really liked the hands-on and the antique items she brought. This was the best presentation I have seen since arriving at SACC !